Temple Run 2

The sequel to the highly popular mobile game, Temple Run 2 was released in January 2013 on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and a week later for devices that run the Android operating system. Still developed and published by Imangi Studios, this single-player game continues the excitement of being one of the most widely played “endless running” game on the mobile platform. Although originally intended only for iOS and Android devices, a Windows Phone version is said to be under development although there is no release date announced.

Temple Run 2 Game Play

The controls and the overall game theme of Temple Run 2 are similar to the first game. What makes it different from its predecessor is the introduction of a faster game pace, new obstacles, game locations, and power ups. This sequel now features ziplines. The paths now feature sharper turns. There are also waterfalls, jets of fire, as well as mine tracks that make the run more challenging. In terms of location, Temple Run 2 features structures that are based on eastern temples.

Temple Run 2 Game

In Temple Run 2, players are granted the ability to prevent the protagonist character from dying. This is done through the green gems that can be collected along the way. Players who are unable to collect these gems have the option to buy them online. On the other hand, those who have been annoyed by the monkeys that chase their characters in the previous Temple Run will be glad to know that these pesky primates have been removed in the new game. However, the sequel now has one monkey antagonist named Cuchanck. Well, this adversary is similarly cumbersome but you get to experience a different kind of trouble with it.

Temple Run 2 Characters

Listed below are the different controllable characters of Temple Run 2 with their respective brief descriptions.

Guy Dangerous. He is the default character of the game. He is described as an average explorer but he uses a shield as his special power.

Scarlett Fox. An escape artist, Scarlett Fox comes with “boost” as her special power. To play this character, you will need to accumulate 5,000 coins

Barry Bones. Using this character requires five times the amount of coins needed to get Scarlett Fox (25,000). Fortunately, he has “coin bonus” as his special power, providing instant 50 bonus coins.

Karma Lee. This character costs 50,000 coins and provides score bonus as his special power. Using his special power will mean an instant 500 bonus points.

Francisco Montoya. Costing 100,000 coins, Francisco Montoya is a funny Spanish character that features a silver armor.

Zack Wonder. You need to have 250,000 to use this character. He is a laid back but strong character. Being a football star, he is notably fast and good at jumping.

Montana Smith. Just as expensive as Zack Wonder, this character costs a quarter of a million coins and is a deadringer of Indiana Jones.

Usain Bolt. Interestingly, the popular Olympic runner is available as a playable character on Temple Run 2. He also comes with an arguably apt power up—an electric bolt that makes him invulnerable.

Game Development and Feedback

Temple Run 2 Game play

As mentioned by the game’s developers, Temple Run 2 was intended to be a game that offers something new without losing its familiarity. The small creative team behind the game wanted to offer a “redeveloped experience” that involves the addition of new elements and schemes but they also aimed to keep the intuitiveness of the game’s controls and general feel. It took barely 10 months for the game to be ready for release. Many game review sites bestow favorable reviews to the sequel of Temple Run. Metacritic, for instance, presents a 79% aggregate rating for the game. Gamezebo, on the other hand, grants 4 out of 5 stars for the game, opining that it is comparable to its predecessor “but just a little better.”